Meet Chan Thompson

Clinical Herbalist

Throughout my youth and since my first memories on this earth, I have always fostered a deep appreciation for wildlife and nature. In every family home growing up, I can recall countless plants spread throughout every room and the garden, from herbs to trees to flowers, and they quickly became the backdrop to the household stage of life. Generations of my family have relied on herbs for medicine, cooking, decoration, and aromatherapy. I have known since childhood that I would pursue the ancient art of herbal medicine and healing in a modern scientific capacity. 

It is my belief that herbs can help with every facet of life's journey and the new experiences that each of us is exploring and discovering. Connecting plants with people is my passion and I would be thrilled to pair you with the plants closest to your physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs. I have been trained by many of the nation's top western herbalists during completion of my M.S. degree in Clinical Therapeutic Herbalism at the Maryland University of Integrative Health. My specialty is in providing herbal recommendations that are gentle enough to complement the body's innate movement towards holistic well-being and energetic balance. These herbs are sure to delight and enchant your mind, body, and soul as you uncover your healthiest and happiest self. 


Why Herbalism?

It can help with


Complement your dietary changes using herbs to gently assist the gastrointestinal tract and eliminatory processes.


Tackle your lethargy with stimulating herbs that will have you feeling alert and awake in a natural way.


Flush your body of toxins and harmful substances using gentle herbs that will allow your body to heal and flourish.

Womxn's Health

Empower your inner goddess. Womxn are the original practitioners of herbal medicine with a deep, rich history in healing. From periods to menopause to PMS, find the plants that will help you to discover and rejoice in your divinity. 


Find your peak form in every dimension of health as your body adapts to ever-changing life situations.


Quiet anxiety with relaxing and refreshing herbal blends that restore calm and balance to your day.


What to Expect

During an individual session, we will walk through a 90- or 60-minute intake discussing your health history and current health concerns and goals. After each session, a customized plan is created that includes herbal recommendations, nutrition suggestions, lifestyle adjustments, and supplements, if appropriate. We will hold our virtual session via Zoom, Google Hangouts, or phone, and then I will compile notes, conduct additional research if needed, and create your personalized health plan which will be discussed with you within seven days. You will walk away from our time together with a clear and actionable plan of next steps. We will then schedule a follow-up to help you stay on track: adjust herbs, nutrients, and diet as your system responds to our targeted interventions.


Keep in mind that after each session I will create a tailored herbal regimen for your individual needs. These herbal supplements are not included in the cost of the session and can range anywhere from $10 upwards (average ~ $60-$85). Reputable sources from which to purchase these herbs will be provided. These dispensaries focus on organic growth, high quality materials, and plant sustainability. 


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